beautiful people

hey. im tyler. my friends call me archie , but you can call me whatever you want. im bi-sexxxxxxual. talk to me.


when you fuck up and realize there’s nothing you can do so you just accept it


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how i seduce men


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You can be proud to be black.
You can be proud to be Asian.
You can be proud to be Arabic.
You can be proud to be Spanish.
You can be proud to be any race.
But you can never be proud to be white, because that makes you racist.

Arabic and Spanish aren’t races go to school

Spaniards are Spanish aren’t they? You can’t say I’m spaniard. Idk someone from Spain please help us all.

It’s been ok to be proud you were white for all of history. Even a drop of white blood made you better. It was a disgrace to be any other of these races. Their pride comes from years of being oppressed and finally fighting it. Our pride is associated with years of being the oppressor. Once in your life you don’t get to flaunt your white privilege in someone’s face and you get upset.

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